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Affiliate Marketing 2020: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide

August 03, 2020

The affiliate marketing industry in the U.S. is expected to hit $8.2 billion by 2022, up from the $5.4 billion registered in 2017. The sector has been growing at a rate of 10% yearly, and this trend will remain until 2022. From these statistics, it's evident that the industry has witnessed significant growth, and more people are now making passive income from the sector than ever.

If you learn and implement the right strategies, you can become one of the top earners in your niche. Let's dive deeper and get more details about affiliate marketing and one of the best programs you can subscribe to and start earning money.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a passive way of earning commissions by marketing another brand’s products or services. An affiliate is a person acting as both marketing and salesman for the merchant to benefit from selling a product or service a certain commission. In this case, the affiliate looks for a product they love and promotes it to their audience. They earn some money each time they make a sale.

Typically, the sales are tracked through affiliate links from one site to another. In simple terms, an affiliate markets a product or service by sharing it on their website, blog, or social media platforms. In return, they earn a commission from the merchant. If properly utilized, this performance-based venture can become a business bringing in a decent income every month.

The commissions paid depend on the type of product or service and the company. On a minimum, you can expect to earn a 5% commission for each sale. Some companies pay as high as 40% commission per sale. Other affiliate marketing programs offer a flat rate instead of a percentage rate.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Although we have hundreds of various kinds of affiliate marketers, some are more common than others. Here are some of the popular types of affiliate marketing:

  • Webmasters or site owners: These are marketers who own websites or plan to build sites as affiliate marketers. Advertisers can contact them and use their sites to promote their products or services. Site owners with sites that attract massive traffic can direct these clients to the merchant.
  • SEO or PPC Affiliates: This category of marketers employs PPC skills to drive customers to the advertiser's websites via SEO, AdWords, or social media advertising.
  • Content Sites: Blogs, websites, and portals are among the most popular sites used in affiliate marketing. The site owners write reviews about the advertiser's services or products to convince their visitors to purchase or pay for the services. If the clients make any purchase via the site, the owner gets a commission from the affiliate program.
  • Newsletter or Emails: In this case, the publishers create databases of user emails that they use to send newsletters or special offers regarding the merchant's services or products. If you consider using emails for affiliate marketing, it's essential to be CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Coupon Sites: These sites have become popular in affiliate marketing due to the prominence of online shopping. Scores of people are searching for coupons from marketers. These individuals can be converted to customers for the merchant's goods or services.
  • Social Media: People who have a significant following on social media can refer these individuals to the advertiser's site and earn some commission. These individuals are called influencers.
  • Review Sites: These sites review different products and websites, mostly based on a niche. Visitors to these sites can be converted to be customers for the merchant.
  • Incentivized Traffic: In this case, the merchant offers some form of incentives such as virtual currency or cashback when such visitors take the required action. The clients can make purchases using the incentives.
  • Shopping Services: In this type of affiliate marketing, the sites offer services that boost online purchases for specific brands. They include aggregators, price comparison sites, metasearch engine sites, review portals, among others.

For example, the SEMrush Affiliate Program, welcomes webmasters, bloggers, paid search enthusiasts, agencies, educational resources, and all-round marketing geniuses. This program offers a 40% recurring monthly commission for each sale. The affiliate program is provided in a separate site dedicated to affiliates Berush.com.

If you want to become an affiliate in this program, you must register on the site and after that you’ll be able to access promotional materials and start earning. The SEMrush subscription available in this program comes in three main types: Pro, Guru, and Business.

When registering for the SEMrush affiliate program, you can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. The promotional materials available in this affiliate program come in 5 different languages; English, German, Spanish, Russian, and French.

How to Become a SEMrush Affiliate?

Joining the SEMrush affiliate program is easy. Just visit the berush.com/en and click on the “Join Now”. After that, process an easy and fast registration. 

Immediately, an email will be sent to your email, prompting you to activate your account. Once you've activated the account, you can start marketing SEMrush to your clients.

How to Promote SEMrush?

After joining the SEMrush affiliate program, it's easy to promote SEMrush due to the many promo materials available. These materials include eBooks, links, banners, and widgets. Using your affiliate link, you can use the promo materials to promote SEMrush in your emails, articles, and social media pages.

You have the chance to pick specific banners, links, eBooks, or Widgets.

  • Links: They are available in 13 categories, including SEO, Trials, link Academy, Blog, and many more. Click the specific code and share it with your followers.
  • Banner: When writing your blog posts, you can choose any of the 18 banners and include them in your content area or on your blog's sidebar. Besides, you can include a referral source name to facilitate performance tracking.
  • Ebooks: The books are available in 5 categories. You can promote SEMrush to your customers, make converts, and earn your commission.
  • Widget: This section has 2 categories and 6 widgets.

Interestingly, you can promote SEMrush even if you don't own a blog or website. You can accomplish this by recommending this tool through email, videos, or social media, such as Twitter tweets and Facebook posts.

How Do SEMrush Affiliates Get Paid?

Typically, SEMrush affiliates are paid on a bi-monthly basis. These payments are either via PayPal or Wire transfer. The minimum payout for PayPal is $50, while for Wire transfer is $1,000.

Major Benefits of BeRush

If you want to subscribe to any affiliate program, you must be convinced you'll get the best. The SEMrush affiliate program comes with some unique benefits that make it attractive to subscribers. They include:

The SEMrush Affiliate Program Contest

Each month, the SEMrush affiliate program organizes a contest where you can win $100. To participate in the contest, you're required to prepare and submit an eBook, blog post, case study, tutorial, or video review about SEMrush in line with the month's theme. These contests are only available to SEMrush affiliates.

Active and Responsive Support

When enrolling for any affiliate program, it's vital to ensure that the support is available and responsive in times of need. In this case, SEMrush doesn't disappoint; the same applies to their SEMrush affiliate program.

If you get inconclusive answers to your queries from the FAQs section, you can reach out to their support team and share your concerns.

10-Year Cookie Life

Cookies store vital data, including link clicks; this means the information can be retrieved when needed. Today, it's not easy to find an affiliate program with a cookie exceeding 360 days. SEMrush affiliate program's cookie lasts for 10 years.

Besides, SEMrush utilizes the first-cookie-gets-the-sale attribution system. Since a prospect can click several links before choosing to join or not, according to this system, it's only the first link that gets the credit.

Generous Recurring Commission

The SEMrush affiliate program offers enticing commissions of 40% for each sale. Interestingly, SEMrush will pay you as long as your referral continues to use the tool.

For example, if your referral enrolls in a business plan for one year, which is valued at $333.22 per month billed yearly, you'll be earning a $133.288 commission each month for the entire 12 months.

And if the referral chooses to renew their subscription for another year, you continue earning the commission for the new period.

Prompt Sign-up Process

The SEMrush affiliate program pre-approves all applications; this process takes less than 10 minutes before you can start promoting SEMrush to your clients.

Free Trials

Before making your subscription, you access a 7 –day free trial. Again, you can promote SEMrush without a website or blog, as highlighted earlier.

Promo Resources

The SEMrush affiliate program offers different promotional materials to complement your marketing efforts. These promo materials are available in 9 languages.

In addition, you get reports that help you know the country of origin of your referrals and from which page. You may also add a deep-link to the high-converting pages, track traffic sources, and improve your marketing game.

To Sum It Up

If you implement the best practices in affiliate marketing, you can create a decent passive income. Just like any business, affiliate marketing needs motivation and hard work.

The SEMrush affiliate program is among the best affiliate marketing programs available. Joining this program is easy and stress-free. Besides, you get vital reports that can help you to up your game. Subscribe today and start your journey to earning an income via affiliate marketing!