How to become a Semrush affiliate? Follow these steps.

Are you looking to become an affiliate for one of the top-rated tools by digital marketing experts? Then you’re a perfect fit for the Semrush Affiliate Program through ShareASale!

In order to start benefiting from the $200 commission per sale, $10 per trial activation and $0.01 for every new registration, please sign up or sign in for the ShareASale Program here

1. Sign up for free

To create a new account, please follow these guidelines: 

  1. Visit the page and click on the “Join Now” button. You’ll see the registration form that you’ll need to fill in. 
  2. After you fill in the form, you’ll be redirected to the new tab, where you’ll be able to register by following 5 steps. 
  3. In order to maximize your chances of getting approval from ShareASale, you should use an email address that matches your website’s domain name. 
  4. After completing registration, you’ll receive an email from ShareASale with your current application status. Please contact us via if your application was declined by ShareASale. 
  5. If your application was approved by ShareASale, please wait for the internal SEMrush Affiliate Program approval to join the program. 

And voila, you’ve joined the SEMrush Affiliate Program and you now can benefit from promoting SEMrush and earning $200 for every sale, $10 per trial activation and $0.01 for every new registration! 

Why become a Semrush affiliate? 

When you join the Semrush Affiliate program, you become a part of our community. And when you’re part of our community, we’re here to support you because we know that when you succeed, we do too! 

You can rely on us for:

  • Marketing support including banners, links and evergreen campaigns; 
  • Monetary Incentives to achieve great results; 
  • Unique ideas and inside campaigns to promote Semrush; 
  • Educational webinars, articles and interviews so you can learn about marketing topics that you want to know more about and from industry leaders because you’re one of our partners.

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