Enter to win 100 dollars

Every month we will pick the best tutorial, e-book or case study about SEMrush whose author will receive $100!

Win 100 dollars

We are very excited to provide you with yet another opportunity to earn more with SEMrush Affiliate Program! Without further ado, here are the terms of our new monthly contest!

To participate in the contest:

  • You must submit your entry to mail@berush.com or below, before the 30th date of the current month
  • Your entry must be titled "Affiliate Contest", include your name, the name of your post, entry URL and any additional information you deem necessary
  • The work must be published during the month of entry submission
  • We accept entries in the following forms: a video, a blog post, PDF file (for e-book), a SlideShare, a song (yes, you read that correctly) and any other creative entries
  • To participate, you must become an SEMrush Affiliate, by registering on www.berush.com
  • The work you submit must be created by you, represent an original and unique piece
  • Each piece can be submitted only once
  • Up to 3 entries are allowed per person, per month
  • All entrants must follow the rules listed here and comply with BeRush Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and any local and country/state laws.

The results:

  • BeRush Affiliate marketing team will judge all the entries and pick the best one based on content, value and creativity
  • The results will be published on the 5th date of the month, following your entry submission.

What you win:

  • $100! The money will be added to your affiliate account balance and paid out with the closest payment cycle
  • Mention in the Monthly BeRush Newsletter, sent to thousands of our affiliates
  • Posts on BeRush Twitter and Facebook pages.

So go ahead and submit your entry today
and perhaps you will become our next winner!