What is BeRush affiliate program and how does it work?

BeRush affiliate program is a partnership based on revenue sharing, where the affiliate (you) drives traffic to semrush.com website (us, we or our) in exchange for commissions. When your website visitor clicks on the reference link (as defined in our BeRush Affiliate Program Terms) to our website and completes a purchase, you get a commission for any and every SEMrush subscription they buy.

To help you reach this goal, we provide a variety of promo materials in 5 languages, tracking, reporting, prompt monthly payments and excellent customer support.

What SEMrush subscriptions can affiliates promote?

Affiliates will receive commission from sales of all SEMrush plans (Pro, Guru, Business).

What do I get as an affiliate?

As our affiliate, you will gain access to your own personal account. You can log in at any time andget access to our banners and links, see how your reference links are performing: how many visits, signups sales and rebills came to us through your reference link and of course you will also be able to see your balance and how much money you earned both in the past and in the present.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

Please use the “Forgot your password?” link at login or send an e-mail through our Contact Form, using the e-mail address you signed up with during registration on berush.com. We will get back to you shortly.

Are there any restrictions on attraction of partners?

Yes, we have quite a few restrictions in place. Adult, gambling and coupon promoting websites are not allowed to register on berush.com. We also do not tolerate fraud of any kind, spamming and other unscrupulous practices. For a complete list of restrictions, please refer to our BeRush Affiliate Program Terms.

How do I get started as your affiliate?

Please register here. Once you set up your account, please make sure to log in. On the promo materials page you will find your personal reference number (REF ID). Please make sure to embed it in any or all links to semrush.com that you post. Your reference number helps us count visits, sign ups, sales and all the statistics that you see in your profile, from users who came via your reference link. On the same page, you can find a variety of banners in different languages. When you are logged in, the code, under each banner, includes your reference number, so all you have to do is pick the one, that you like the most and simply copy/paste it to your website.