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BIG CONTEST: Win $1000, $500 or $200

July 1 – September 30, 2020

Here is your opportunity to win $1000, $500 or $200 for creating a piece on the Content Marketing Toolkit by SEMrush!

How to enter? 
- Confirm you’re in by activating the “BIG CONTEST: Win $1000, $500 or $200” Incentive on this page: https://www.berush.com/en/incentives/bc-q3/
- Create and post a piece of content on the Content Marketing Toolkit topic (don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the content to doubly benefit from it!).  
- Share the link with us via mail@berush.com before the 30th of September.

💡Hint: include this “Content Toolkit” promo pack with proven banners and landing pages in your content. All links in this pack already contain your unique Ref ID.

🚨 We accept only content created after the 1st of July, 2020

What type of content is accepted? What are the prizes?
1st place – $1000
2nd place  – $500
3rd place – $200

- text content (articles);
- video content; 
- podcasts.

What languages are accepted? 
- English; 
- French; 
- Spanish. 

How long should my article/video be? 
We accept content of any length. This contest is about the quality of your piece, not the length. However, if you want your article to rank highly, go for longer, 1000+ word content.  

What are the evaluation criteria?
We will evaluate your content by the following criteria: originality, up-to-dateness, readability, insightfulness. 

Important: If you are located in a country not covered by our logistic partners’ delivery network, the delivery of physical prizes (backpack, physical certificate) may not be possible. In that case, the equivalent price in USD will be added to your BeRush account balance and you will receive a digital version of the certificate.

You can opt to receive financial compensation instead of the physical prizes, regardless of your country of location. Our team will contact all the winners once they have been selected at the beginning of November (the winner announcement date will depend on how many entries we will receive) to confirm their delivery address and to provide monetary prizes if physical prizes are unavailable or the winner declines them.

Important conditions for BeRush contests

  • Your content must be posted online on a platform of your choosing; 
  • You must be a BeRush affiliate to participate in the contests; you can create your account here
  • Your works should be original content - don’t copy others’ work!

You can learn more about BeRush affiliate program in our Terms of Use. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us via mail@berush.com!