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SEMrush Affiliate Program Contest

Twice the Earning Opportunities With Two Contests!

This fall, we are offering you a chance to take part in one of the two distinct Challenges - or you can join both! You can take part in the Monthly Contest or join the Autumn Challenge! 

SEMrush Autumn Challenge

This autumn is an especially fruitful time for those who share their love and knowledge of SEMrush products - as a winner, you will reap a valuable money prize and visibility!

What type of content is accepted? Our topic for the SEMrush Autumn Challenge is SEMrush for Website Monetization. It’s not an overstatement to say that almost every website can make a profit if you monetize it properly. It obviously requires time and effort to succeed and powerful tool is an essential part of the deal - and this is where SEMrush solutions come in handy! Competitive research, defining a niche, marketing insights and clear recommendations all come in a bundle! This autumn we are looking forward to your ideas and guides on how to monetize online business and increase returns by effective use of SEMrush tools& features.


In your contest material you can cover these awesome SEMrush tools:

-Advertising Research - unveil advertising strategies of your competitors;
-Display Advertising - a great solution for publishers and creators to learn who’s advertising on competitor sites and analyze them;
-CPC Map - the map enables to pick up the niches with the highest cost per click;
-Ad Builder - a handy tool to take a sneak peek into your competitors’ ads and refresh your own creatives;
-Site Audit - a comprehensive technical issue detector that defines and helps to get rid of problems preventing you from getting more traffic for your resource;
-On-Page SEO Checker - provides simple and practical recommendations for SEO newbies;
-SEO Writing Assistant - a powerful tool for creators keen on writing content with SEO in mind.

What’s the duration of the Autumn Challenge? The Challenge starts on the 5th of September and ends on the 30th of November. Please keep in mind that your content needs to be posted during this time period - we will not accept previously existing work to this Challenge!

How to participate? When your content is ready, send an email to mail@berush.com with the subject line "SEMrush Autumn Challenge" and a link to your content before the 30th of November. 

What are the rewards? The best content on the topic of SEMrush for Website Monetization will earn the author:
- $500 prize to be added to their account on BeRush;
- Repost on SEMrush and BeRush social networks;
- SEMrush Autumn Challenge certificate.


Monthly Contest

Our monthly contest is a great opportunity to receive additional exposure, recognition, and income for your content!

What type of content is accepted? We accept content in any of the following formats as long as it talks about SEMRush in a relevant, comprehensive manner:
- Text content (articles);
- Video Content;
- Ebook;
- Infographic;
- Training course;
- Newsletter.

What’s the duration of the Monthly Contest? The Monthly Contest starts on the 1st of each month, and ends on the last day of that month; You can participate in the Contest every month, provided you send us a different piece of content each time! 

How to participate?  When your content is ready, send an email to mail@berush.com with the subject line "SEMrush Monthly Contest" and a link to your content. We will enter it into that month’s contest! 

What are the rewards? The best content each month will net its author a prize of $100 added to their affiliate account on BeRush, along with a repost of the content on BeRush social networks. 


Important conditions for BeRush contests

  • Your content must be posted online on a platform of your choosing; 

  • Your articles should be not less than 1000 characters long if it is in written format;

  • You must be a BeRush affiliate to participate in this contest; you can create your account here

  • Your article should be original content - don’t copy others’ work!


You can learn more about BeRush affiliate program in our Terms of Use. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us via mail@berush.com!



Congratulations to our monthly winners!

Month of submission Winner’s Name Winning Entry
Monthly Contest - October 2019 John Karlsson What is SEMrush? | Intelligent Solution For Your Business or Not?
Monthly Contest - September 2019 Nilantha Jayawardhana SEMrush Traffic Analytics Review
Summer 2019 - the Summer Challenge Cult Of Web Ecommerce SEO Guide - Rank Higher in Google Search Results (Topic - SEMrush for Ecommerce)
Monthly Contest - August 2019 Anil Agarwal The Ultimate SEMrush Tutorial for Bloggers and SEO's 
Monthly Contest - July 2019 Sandeep Mallya

The Ultimate Guide to SEMrush Traffic Analytics ebook 

Monthly Contest - June 2019 Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury Best Alternative To SEMrush: 21 Excellent Tools Similar To SEMrush
Spring 2019 - the Spring Challenge Akshay Hallur 15 Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2019 and Beyond (Topic - Backlinks)
Monthly Contest - May 2019 Llorenç Palomas SEMrush: Analyze your competition with the best SEO tool (Content in Spanish)
Monthly Contest - April 2019 Tarundeep Singh

The Complete Guide To How To Employ Semrush To Analyze Your Competitors’ Strategies

Monthly Contest - March 2019 Enstine Muki SEMrush 20 tools to effortlessly manage your Content Marketing (SEO, PPC, SM)
Affiliate Success Story - February 2019 Ryan Cruz Affiliate Marketing Secrets From a College Professor Turned Digital Entrepreneur
Monthly Contest - February 2019 Alex Chris SEMRush Review: A must have tool for the modern Digital Marketer
November+December 2018 Content Challenge - Multiple Winners See Content Challenge landing for more details

October 2018

Jose Antonio Ruiz

SEMrush Position Tracking: In what position does a website appear in Google? (Topic - Local SEO)

September 2018

Marco Diversi

SEMrush keyword magic tool for keyword research(Theme — Keyword Research with SEMrush)

August 2018

Deep Sikder

How I Improved My Site Traffic By Switching From Traditional SEO To Competitive SEO Analysis (Theme — SEMrush PRO vs. GURU)
July 2018 Nirmal Kumar How to use SEMRush Organic Research Tool (Theme — Organic Research)
June 2018 - 1st Place Ruth LovettSmith Top 5 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Bloggers In 2018 (Theme — BeRush)
June 2018 - 2nd Place Rahul Kuntala Earn with BeRush (Theme — BeRush)
May 2018 John Doherty How to use SEMrush to identify and overtake your competitor’s SEO rankings (Theme — Competitive Research)
April 2018 Frédéric Canevet The Practical Guide to Content Marketing (Theme — SEMrush as an interconnected toolkit)
March 2018 Hunaid Germanwala 12 PPC Marketing Tips for an Optimized AdWords Account (Theme — PPC)
February 2018 Vesa Nippala Search Engine Optimization Guide 2018 (Theme — Links)
January 2018 Kanti Rani How to Find Low Competition Keywords (Theme — New Navigation and Webinars)
December 2017 Ankit Singla How to Do Keyword Research with SEMrush (Theme — Social Media &SEO Tools)
November 2017 Sandeep Mallya How to Use SEMrush to Amplify Your Content Marketing (Theme — Content Marketing Tools)
October 2017 Abhit Upadhayay Best Search Engine Ranking Tools — SEMrush Review
September 2017 Anil Agarwal How To Dominate Keyword Research And Rank #1 For Any Keyword On Google & Other Search Engines
August 2017 Dan Shure (evolvingseo.com) Using SEMrush + Quora To ‘Rank’ On Page #1 Of Google - Tutorial
July 2017 itzgeek.com SEMrush Review 2017: Free Trial – Rank ahead of your competitors - Increase Traffic To Blog
June 2017 Anil Agarwal What Is SEO Site Audit and how to do Site Audit with SEMrush easily?
May 2017 Cult Of Web How to Use SEMRUSH For Keyword Research and SEO – Complete Step by Step Guide
April 2017 MyThemeShop Team SEMRush Review & 65+ Ways To Beat Your Competitors In Google
March 2017 Nick Eubanks SEO Case Study – 313% More Organic Traffic with REAL Examples
February 2017 Brent Hale SEMRush: A Case Study on How the Tool Makes me an Extra $6,000 Per Month
January 2017 David Butler How to Find EASY Featured Snippet Opportunities
December 2016 Anil Agarwal SEMrush Pricing Plans: Pro Vs Guru Vs Business – Which One Is RIGHT For You
November 2016 Chamal Rathnayaka How to Find and Rank Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic Volume
October 2016 Krishna Moorthy D SEMrush Review : The Best Competitor Research Tool
September 2016 Dario Zadro Trust, relevance, and diversity – building a strong link profile
August 2016 Silvio Apa Delmonte Corso SemRush
July 2016 Matthew Woodward 68 Ways to Use SEMrush
June 2016 Sandeep Mallya SEMrush vs MOZ: Which is the Best SEO Tool?
May 2016 Robbie Richards The Ultimate SEMrush Playbook